One X Bet Customer Support: Are They Reliable?

One X Bet Customer Support: Are They Reliable?

Being an international online casino and betting site that caters many countries around the world and available in various languages, One X Bet has one of the most dedicated customer support team that are available 24/7 to help players.

You can reach them via multiple channels whether it is live chat or by phone or email or even WhatsApp. Check out the below contact info of One X Bet and choose which method of communication is the most suitable for you.

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What is the Duty of One X Bet Customer Support Team?

One X Bet customer support team plays various roles in facilitating the gaming experience of players, and below are their key responsibilities:

  1. Providing assistance: Players using the website can ask One X Bet’s customer support for any assistance they may need in setting up their account, or requesting a bonus or if they face any technical issue or whatever info they need.
  2. Resolving disputes: Whether it is an issue with the withdrawing money or a complaint about another player, the customer support team at One X Bet is responsible to resolve any disputes that might arise.
  3. Handling financial transactions: One X Bet’s customer support team is responsible for processing the player’s deposit and withdrawal transactions as well as verifying the player’s account, which promotes a more secure gambling environment.
  4. Monitoring player activity: Customer support has the duty of monitoring player activity to see if they are cheating or detect any fraudulent behaviour.
  5. Promoting responsible gambling: Gambling addiction is no joke, and one of the main responsibilities of customer support is to provide all possible resources for players who are struggling and are developing a gambling addiction. These can be links to organizations or website that help gamblers for free, and it could be by setting deposit limits or asking customer support for ”self-exclusion” where you ban yourself from logging into One X Bet for a period of time.
one x bet All Departments you can contact atr 1xbet
All Departments you can contact

Does One X Bet Provide Customer Support in Arabic?

As we have said before, One X Bet is an international online casino and betting site and Arabs constitute a large portion of their client base, which is why Customer support is indeed available in Arabic along with several other languages.

In fact, customer support is available in over 30 different languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and many more.

Positives and Negatives of One X Bet Customer Support

Just like any other online casino, there will always be good and bad reviews from customers.

Below are the positives and negatives we gathered based on some customer reviews regarding the customer support service of One X Bet:


  • Availability 24/7 day and night
  • Multiple Ways of contact which are email, phone, WhatsApp and live chat
  • Multilingual Support whereby you can reach them in 30 different languages including Arabic


  • Some users reported a slow response time from the customer support team, especially during peak hours
  • Limited information provided about the customer support team on the website, which make it a little difficult for users to know what to expect from them

Final Verdict

One X Bet seems to prioritize customer support which is something not found in all online casinos and betting sites, even the reputable ones, however with One X Bet it is safe to say that they have one of the most efficient and reliable customer support team.

They are available to help you and answer you quickly via multiple channels and 24/7 and if you do not wish to talk to a customer support representative or send an email you might be able to find your answer on the FAQ section available on the website whereby they answer common questions regarding opening an account, deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, betting rules and so much more.