How to Register at 1XBet Arabic?

How to Register at 1XBet Arabic?

In order to register at 1XBet Arabic, just make sure that you have a good internet connection and valid phone number and email address and follow the steps below:

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In order to receive the bonus you are supposed to make a qualifying deposit and do not forget that at 1XBet Arabic, just like in any other reputable online casino and betting site, you have to verify your identity in order to be able to withdraw your winnings.

This can be done by showing a copy of your ID or passport and proof of residence (show a utility bill that is recent) and you may be asked for other things too but remember that this is for your own safety this eliminates any fraudulent or unwanted players to join 1XBet Arabic.

1XBet Arabic Registration Terms & Conditions

There are certain rules pertaining to age and location and other aspects when you wish to register at 1XBet Arabic.

The 4 Methods of 1XBet Arabic Registration

1XBet Arabic Registration Form
1XBet Arabic Registration Form

Unlike any other betting site and online casino, 1XBet Arabic offers 4 different options for players to register, each takes less time than the other!

Register Via Email (5 Minutes)

Choose register by email as your option and enter your email address, select your bonus, your city and choose the currency you want and provide your first name and last name and your phone number, and you are all set. You will receive a code on your email.

Register Via Phone Number (2 Minutes)

Choose the option to register by phone number and enter your number, select your bonus and currency. Make sure your phone is active because after that you will receive an activation code on your phone.

One-Click Registration (30 Seconds)

This feature does not require you to submit any info, Just choose the bonus, your country and the currency and add the promo code if available and that is it. Once you are done, your username and password will appear in a pop-up window, so make sure you note them down and save them somewhere.

Register Via Social Networks ( 1 Minute)

Connect your social account including Facebook, Telegram or Google to 1XBet Arabic . This is the second-fastest method after the one-click method. There is however a risk associated with this registration method and that is, if the social media account you chose to register got hacked then technically so will your 1XBet Arabic account

You can choose whichever method is suitable for you to register at 1XBet Arabic , however you need to know that whatever method you choose, you will still be required to verify your account before you are able to withdraw your funds.